Dr. Blane Parkison, a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon best known for bringing liposuction to the United Kingdom, established the Parkinsonblanes Clinic in 2002 and named it after him.

His goal was to build a surgical and dermatological excellence centre that would be known for its high quality standards and attract the top surgeons in the country to its doors. Today, we see approximately 20,000 patients each year at our well-regarded facility. This clinic on Sloane Street in Chelsea offers all of its services under one roof, all by the same team of practitioners. A big part of our identity is being owned and directed by a doctor. We are dedicated to the same innovation and research traditions that have defined us from our beginnings.

Our Proven Approach

We use cutting-edge medical technology to address aesthetic issues.

At our boutique specialty hospital in Chelsea, we’ve put together a team of over 30 great medical experts, each a specialist in their own particular field and hand-picked for their experience. At the Parkinsonblanes Clinic, we’re delighted to provide more than 1,000 cosmetic and dermatological services.

We put our patients’ health in the hands of each of our consultants, and we are dedicated as a Clinic to upholding the highest ethical and medical standards. We entrust each of our doctors.

We prefer discreet, discrete therapies and natural results wherever feasible, and advocate less invasive options if they lead to the greatest possible patient outcomes.

All of our surgeries are performed under the most recent TIVA anaesthesia, which allows us to complete them all in a single day and send all of our patients home the same day.

We have a long-term commitment to teaching and research; our consultants routinely publish papers, and the Clinic has created the premier cosmetic surgery fellowship. Our pioneering past lives on today, with an emphasis on lasers, plastic surgery, and regenerative medicine innovation.

Our Facilities

Our boutique hospital at 120 Sloane Street offers more than 1,000 cosmetic and dermatological procedures.Each of our locations has its own specialised laser and aesthetic suite in addition to the two operating rooms and two operating rooms that are open to the public.This one hospital facility serves all of our patients’ needs.

Our Partners